Motorola Defy+ : back from CyanogenMod 11 (unofficial) to stock ROM


I am currently not satifsfied with the stability of the unofficial CyanogenMod 11 port on this device (but anyway, props to the developers who are doing a very hard job to improve this!)

So I decided to have a look back at the Android 2.3.6 stock rom which was rather stable (but not flawlessly stable…)

I could have had a try at CyanogenMod 7.2, maybe later.

Update May 2015 : running CyanogenMod 7.2 for a few months on this device : this is simply the best *STABLE* custom rom (Did not experience a single system crash or reboot yet, unlike Motorola’s stock rom!).
Download link here :

Currently, I only use this device without SIM card, but mainly :

– wifi only
– offline GPS with OsmAnd~ from F-Droid repos
– picture/video taking (with gps tagging)
– (voice) note taking

So I like my device not to randomly reboot and loose everything when I’m hiking/driving/etc…


Disclaimer : USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Needed :

RSD Lite (for windows)

USB drivers for windows

Finally you can find stock roms here
(be sure to select the right one for your device)

How to flash stock rom (youtube video)

Flash to stock went OK? But likely your device (if you had a custom ROM previouisly installed) will boot loop.

If this is the case, pull out the battery, put it back, power on the phone with VOL- pressed (go to recovery).
On the next screen, showing the Android logo with an exclamation, press both VOL+ and VOL-
The recovery menu entries should appear.
Select “Wipe to factory”. Once done, reboot device. Should be ok!

Now root your device

Install F-droid

Enable Archive repository in F-Droid, so that some older apps will be available for our good old Gingerbread 2.3.6 system.

Install some apps :

– AdAway
– OsmAnd~
– OsmTracker
– Barcode Scanner
– Ghost Commander (so that when rooted, you’ll be able to delete pre-installed crappy vendor apps)
– etc..

Bugs :

– GPS does not work?

Even without SIM card, even in PLANE mode, be sure to enable DATA synchronization. Then the GPS will fix!
(connect to a WIFI access point if it still doesn’t fix)

– OsmAnd~ 1.8.3 : app crashed when changing device orientation
Quick fix : lock screen orientation to landscape or portrait, in OsmAnd settings

Other useful links

The XDA Wiki page is very complete

XDA forums for Defy


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