Transferring files between an Android device and a Linux system via USB cable


Some newer Android devices do not offer regular USB-drive like connection. Instead they use the MTP protocol.

In order to easily transfer files between your Android device and your favorite Linux distro (yes, Debian!) with a USB cable, via MTP transfer protocol :
As root

apt-get install jmtpfs

Make sure your regular user belongs to the “fuse” group

usermod -a -G fuse username

(you need to logout and login again)

Connect your Android device to your computer with your USB cable, then as a regular user :

mkdir -p ~/Android_transfer
jmtpfs Android_transfer/

After a few seconds, files on the Android device should appear in the mount point 🙂

To properly unmount :

fusermount -u ~/Android_transfer

For more info, as always :

man jmtpfs
jmtpfs -h