Kwort Linux 3.2 – Quick install and review

Kwort Linux 3.2 rc1

  • CRUX-derived, advanced user-oriented, 32 bits distro
  • Recent kernel and packages (LibreOffice, Firefox, Chromium…)
  • Installs X.Org, Openbox, Chromium (flash plugin from adobe included) and some lightweight desktop apps by default
  • No need to compile your own kernel
  • Improved package system ( )

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Compiling your kernel during CRUX Linux 2.7 (i686) installation

Some people seem to have problems booting their freshly installed CRUX system. I suspect this is caused by some Linux kernel misconfiguration, so here are some pointers.

I assume you followed the official installation guide here

When comes the kernel compilation phase however, no detail is given (Crux assumes you know how to do that)

Everything can be tweaked, but the goal here is to obtain a working kernel 🙂

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A fast and lightweight Linux desktop with CRUX Linux 2.7 (i686)

Main advantages for CRUX :
– fast (simple yet efficient boot scripts) and “keep it simple” principle (targeted at experienced users)
– contains only essential software (reduced disk space usage)
– good package manager with support for dependencies (prt-get) and BSD-like ports system (few but quality packages)

Some cons :
– kernel must be compiled during installation process
– being a source-based distro, compilations will take a long time on slower machines
– no support for native languages (but this is done on purpose)

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