Debian 6.0 (Squeeze) on the Xplore iX104C3 rugged Tablet PC


System specs

A nice review here :

Users handbook :

Note: my model only has a digitizer (tablet PC model), no touchscreen (dual mode version)

Debian stable to the rescue

First I wanted to install Arch Linux on this system, but soon I encountered a severe setback : the Wacom stylus would not work. Then I tried Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise), everything worked out of the box, except the stylus!
Explanation : it seems the support for this older, serial Wacom tablet has been removed from the X.Org Wacom input drivers, since the 0.10.6 version and up.
(more info can be found here : )

Fortunately Debian Squeeze still uses a working 0.10.5 driver version!

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Debian Wheezy and systemd

Debian 7.0 (Wheezy) can be configured to use systemd.

# apt-get install systemd

# less /usr/share/doc/systemd/README.Debian

# nano /etc/default/grub

GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT=”quiet init=/bin/systemd”

# update-grub && reboot


That’s it!

Now experiment with

# man systemd

# systemctl

# systemd-journalctl

# systemctl reboot

SONY VAIO PCG-Z600TEK (aka PCG-5316) – Debian GNU/Linux install notes

A friend gave me this old laptop from the early 2000’s.
Here are my personal notes about installing an optimized and lightweight Debian GNU/Linux system on this machine, mainly for internet browsing / music playing (with external speakers!)

Official support pages

Computer specs

128 Mb SDRAM on the motherboard, 1 SODIMM slot available for RAM upgrade (Specs says this computer can be upgraded upto 256 Mb at max!)
8 Mb Video RAM (ATI Rage Mobility M1)
20 Gb HDD (a Win2000 system was installed)
No CD / No floppy drive
No booting from USB! / No PXE boot!
No Wifi
Dead battery!

Creating a Wireless Access Point with Debian Linux

A quick and dirty way to recycle an older computer with a wifi adapter.

Adapted from original HowTo (Thanks Matt!) at :

Other sources :

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