Building a tiny X.Org Linux System using Buildroot

This is my 3rd Buildroot howto, please read the previous ones in order to get started!


This howto was made using a Debian Squeeze 6.0 build host, with Buildroot 2011.02 (latest snapshot from the git repository)
Download and configure Buildroot :

Get the latest Buildroot and start configuring it (as a regular user)
$ cd
$ git clone git://
$ cd buildroot && make menuconfig

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How to create a very small Linux system using Buildroot

Have you ever tried to install a modern Linux distro onto a small capacity (usually 32 megs or even less) usb drive or compact flash card?

Even with a minimal install, such a distribution will not fit! Major Linux distros like Debian/Slackware/Arch/etc need a bare minimum of 300-400 megs of disk space.

The only minimal system I have been able to install so far on a 128Meg disk is NetBSD ( ).

But there is a way to achieve such a thing : we will be using Buildroot in order to generate a very small (embedded) Linux system (targeted at a standard intel x86  computer)

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